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3...... more..... days!

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So my wonderful flint mica tC that I've been waiting 3 F*#^ING MONTHS FOR!!!!!.... is FINALLY at the dealership.
My dealer apparently decided to quit, no warning, no anything... just up and left.
Therefore, I had to find another dealer, have him track down my file, find my car and make sure they didn't sell it to anyone else. Unfortunately, my dad is out of the country... (it's his graduation present for me
) and now I have to wait ANOTHER 3 days!! I CAN'T DO IT!!! The other day I saw two on the road... same color... and I cried.... YES I CRIED!!!!!

So I know it's been a while since I've asked this... but I thought I was going to get my car a long time ago! Who in/near Colorado is up for a PARTY!!! and I don't mean just any party, i mean A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wish mine was only 3 days away..... but then again 16 isn't too bad either!
how does a dealer just stop carrying scion? that's pretty lame.. but yeah glad you found another dealer who can help you out.. i doubt anyone sold the car, if the first dealership is in that much of a mess! sorry I'm in michigan..
I won't be able to attend the PARTY!! hey send pics!!
lol.. yeah like the rest of us.. you'll enjoy the tC!! but congrats on your new car!!

one note of advice.. when they do the first oil change.. make sure the oil is at the hash mark of full and not overfull.. one thing my dealer messed up on.. just to help you out
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damn, that makes me want to get into colorado. i like a good partay.

cheers to the new car.
hey anakin!! it's now just 2 more days!! 48 hours.. it's getting oh so close.. i can feel that new car smell calling me!!
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Originally posted by sciontc_mich@Oct 2 2004, 08:52 PM
how does a dealer just stop carrying scion?
It wasn't the dealership just the salseman... maybe he sold so many Scions he was like "ok... time for retirement in the Bahamas!"

Anyways, I will send pictures soon. I need to go run off and by a digital camera first... maybe in a color that matches my BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!
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^^^ wow, it would be nice if scion paid us enough to retire to the bahamas. wow.
Maybe he left because my tC came in and he was like "damn! This is a NICE car" and then he stole it and drove to Mexico... it would at least explain why it's taken me 3 months to get the car, right?!?
I mean REALLY, none of the other salesmen know where he went!! It would explain a lot... I hope I get a free 6CD changer for this
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Not to crush your hopes and dreams, but I think you can forget about getting a free 6-disc changer...
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