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3 10"S

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im looking to get 3 10"s to replace my 3 mtx 5000'S but im not sure what to get. i wanna keep it at 100 dollars or less per sub. what would be some good subs to look at. im look more for SPL than SQ but i dont want them to sound like crap(audiobahn). im going to run them with an 800 watt monoblock amp that is 2 ohm stable, if that helps.
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<----starting to become a disbeliever
what makes you think all audiobahns sound like crap? they overrate, but that doesn't mean all their stuff sucks, their "natural sound" woofers sound pretty nice

i'd get three 11kv.2's, or three memphis PR 10s, or three Alpine Type R 10's

you don't have much power to work with for three subs, and it wont be much of an upgrade

what dont you switch out for a better amp, and get one or two good subs instead of three crappy ones?

two 13ov.2s will sound cleaner and be louder than most sets of 3 10s

when u upgrade, move vertically not horizontally
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do you know how many different posts youve made with stuff "you are going to get" count them up.
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@May 26 2005, 12:00 PM
do you know how many different posts youve made with stuff "you are going to get" count them up.
Haha, nice.

I'm "gonna" get a stage 2. Sometime. Don't hold your breath.
Well he got the X2's so I have faith
Remeber that demented I have faith in you! Now you know what I am going to say so I won't say it. No need for silly questions hehe, what should you get. Haven't you learned whats good yet I would think so.

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yea too bad he has started around 7 or 8 new threads on things he supposedly going to get.
I'm gonna get a rocket booster for my tC. Yeah, I'll be flying by August bitches.
this time im setting a price range thats y i was asking, cuz im not sure wut subs r under 100 dollars. im looking for myself but its nice to have some help and suggestions.
no need to flame guys.... he's just looking for some help.... i would help if i could... but i know nothing about audio
im not sure i even want subs, and #### i have a 2000w amp waiting for me..i just dont want to rattle such a new car...
greg the tC has some good sound damping material allready on it (from what I am told) so the rattles should be small. Plus dynomat is your friend. I am putting a single 12 in my car (but its a powerful 12
3,000 watts )
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no ones flaming, just suggesting the false etiqutte to his stories. who told you to fuckin get involved.
no one did, sir. I saw that he was being ridiculed for having plans. I would someday like to have a SC, new rims and tires, new seats, swaybars, and strut bars. Sure, i dont start a new thread about what I'd like to do, but if one is not totally informed on the subject, or would like others opinions, then starting a thead would be a wise thing to do (after using the search of course). So when i saw that this thread had turned from helping him out in his quest to customize his car to one of a flaming nature, I pointed it out in hopes that the discussion would become a bit more civilized. You sir, have proven me wrong.

many people have plans, some people plan way ahead. How do we know if he is one of those people? Anyways, I'm probably going to get flamed myself now. I do hope you understand my point though.
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excuse me, but once again, no one was flaming. i was simply stating that there is no need for 10 or so threads on what you are supposedly going to get for your car. Furthermore, LaVaism has agreed that he has helped him with much of his issues. therefore, is there a need to continue?
now now children, theres no reason to be a ****.

if i hadnt posted about what subs i was "going to get" i would have ended up with some pretty S****Y subs. im looking at subs but i just wanted to know if anyone knew of good ones for under 100 bucks. the only reason im getting 3 10's is b/c thats what my brother had in the back of my truck and it used to hit untill the one sub got busted and i have the box so i figured id just up grade the 10's in the box.
for real. play nice. there is nothing wrong with trying to find out some information. people desirve a straight answer to a simple question. and there is nothing wrong with dreaming about what mods one should or could or will do. look at all the supercharger threads.

now, in answer to your question. I have no idea what subs you can get for under a "c" note. 3 10 would rock the tC pretty hard. we have three across an xB and it is the end of all things. I imagine it will sound good in the tC too. good luck with the search.
yea, never call me a **** again.

and i was simply stating that if he wouldnbt always post "i am going to get" in every thread, it would be more believable.
Easy there, boys. Play nice or don't play at all.
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