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2AZFE head on ebay

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just found this on ebay, 2AZ-FE Head. the description says it's a little damaged, but it may be useful to someone who wants to try some head tuning... i've been thinking about modifications to this head for a while (i want to try out some crazy vvtl-i ideas). how bad does the damage look in the picture?

^click for larger pic

just wanted to give people the heads-up (pun not intended). i'd love to experiment with it, but i just don't have the money or the time right now. maybe if someone else wants to play with it and see what can/can't be done.
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Linky no workee.
If the price stays low, I'll be bidding on that head. I'll put it on the car, then modify my original head and see what I can get out of it. I can also see how well put together the original piece is from two examples. Let's just hope there isn't a bidding war...
It's mine. Now we can see what this little engine can do.
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Sep 20 2005, 01:13 AM
It's mine. Now we can see what this little engine can do.
You are definately going to have to share your findings with me.
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The head showed up today. No valves, but it's straight enough for the cams to turn, so it might actually be a runner.

It has the typical rough turn on the port floor, and the bowls are crude, but Toyco actually did a decent job of blending the seats into the ports at the factory.

Oh, it did come with a few extras: cam chain and sprockets, VVTi control valve, cams, oil pump (?), oil pump drive chain (hey, did you guys know that's a RADICAL departure for Toyco?), cam chain slippers and tensioner, and a full set of balancer bearings (they're sized just like crank and rod bearings, strange).

Work will commence after I get a pressure check and a flatness check to determine the real health of the unit.
Was wondering on the progress of that pressure check and such. Find out anything?
Nothing yet. I haven't done anything with it, I've been waiting for my 1/4ly bonus to get started with it. It should show up soon, it always does...
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