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So here we go.
Car is 2014 scion tc
Yesterday my hazards were on all day, and my battery pretty much died, no big deal.
When going to jump the car, my significant other had the positive and negative switched on her car and I hope it just blew a fuse. I switched the cables but they were on for around 30 seconds. I was able to get my battery recharged and my car turned on so no issues there hopefully.
With that said, when I turn the car on, my check engine light is on, my traction control light is on. When I push on the gas pedal, I get maybe .3 rpms, no real give, doesnt matter if its in neutral or in gear.

I've heard a few different things about which direction to go in. My mechanic (3 hours away) says I probably just blew a fuse and to check there first. Someone else told me to disconnect the battery for 5-10 minutes to reset the computer, but my mechanic said that probably wouldnt fix it. I'm going to start checking the fuses shortly but I don't even have a clue as to which ones to check or where to go after that. I do have full coverage on the vehicle as well so I may get it towed, but I also could possibly use that for repairs if I cant fix it myself. Not sure.

Any help, tips, advice, or solutions would be greatly appreciated!!!
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