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Hello folks, new here.

A manual tc was on my list, but a 07 Fit came up on the radar and I snagged it even though it had a salvage title. Bad move..

Anyway, Ive read same engine, but is a 2010 tc as reliable as camry? And are manuals worth less considering most dont know or want a manual? The one that's for sale locally must be owned by a kid considering the description and sub box in back.. First red flag. He also says its a TRD which I'm reading isn't anything special if its not a RS? 🤔 156k but states "runs and drives great shifts good ac and heat both work well clean title, sunroof" Second red flag, I hear some have exploded and they all leak eventually and who wants to star gaze while driving? He's asking 4900

I'm torn. I want another manual honda fit, but manual four bangers don't come around to often.

Has anyone run a 2010 tc over 300k like the camry's?

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