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As some of you have undoubtably heard, the 2005 Scion tC piloted by myself and Stephen McGowin has withdrawn from the One Lap of America. Unfortunately there was a problem with the clutch that caused an early retirement from No Problem Raceway. We made an early departure from Louisiana to head to home base (Auburn, AL) to fix the clutch hopefully in time to hit Carolina Motorsports Par
k. Again disaster struck when we stopped for fuel 45mi north of Mobile and the tC took its last breath and refused to start, having lost all electrical power. With the car completely immobile and having a difficult time receiving a tow, we were forced to retire. We were stuck at the gas station for almost 9hrs before being rescued by a good friend from Auburn. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the tC is still stuck in Mobile and should be towed back to Auburn momentarily for a complete teardown and repair.</p>

As promised, I will have video taken at the event up ASAP. It is actually being pulled from the video camera as we speak with minor editing being all that is needed. At this time I’d like to extend a huge thanks to the following people that gave us a huge hand on the last day of competition for us: Brock Yates, for going out of his way to bring parts to our location; Hadley A/C Repair, for keeping us company at said gas station; and the Honda Odyssey team, who helped us diagnose the problem and did their best to assist us.</p>

As for the events at Texas World Speedway, we posted our best results ever for the event! Stephen piloted us to a 41st finish in the morning session and 28th finish in the afternoon session. This helped us seal a total of 675 points before retiring from the One Lap of America.</p>

The tC will be back next year, stronger and faster.</p>

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