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A huge thanks goes to Lance for finally getting us around to Road America! Thanks a lot man! Sorry for the lack of updates, but it’s hard to type a full blog update on a Blackberry. We finally got the laptop to connect through the Blackberry so typing is a hell of a lot faster.</p>

First of all, UPDATES! Yes, we have video. I’m working on uploading it to Youtube now… so I’ll make another post when I can. The Wet Skid Pad was driven by me, Ben Everett, and I did horrible. It was my first time running a skid pad so I didn’t know what to expect at first. I think the final scoring had me at 69th out of 71, so I am pretty embarassed. Oh well you live and learn, we finished the event and that is what matters.</p>

After the Wet Skid Pad I drove Stephen and I to Road America where several technology devices led us wrong (google maps, tomtom, blackberry, and Road America’s site). We called up Lance and were able to find it rather quickly after we got our bearings although we were lost for approximately an hour. This is where the tC really shined under the expert hands of Stephen McGowin. We filled the tC up with three gallons of 98 octane and 92 octane mix and threw the bad boy up to 12psi. It was extremely cold out (38 degrees w/ approx 15mph winds) so the turbo was LOVING it when the car came down the straight. Stephen made a great showing here and got us a 45th place overall at Road America and first in class. Way to go man!</p>

Here’s the bad news. Stephen forgot to turn on the camera for Road America so we have no footage of his run
We learned though and setup a new system for camera setup, it is now the non-driver at events responsible for making sure the camera is recording at the start. We also learned to follow Brock’s route map very closely, it doesn’t lie. ####ing technology.</p>

Once we finished Road America, where Stephen had some complaints since he didn’t get a checker and thought he was on a cool down lap but didn’t (he got an extra lap on Road America that wasn’t timed, how lucky), we packed up quickly and headed on to Nebraska where we had a free place to stay. Thanks Dad! There was a calling-all cars APB out on the One Lappers we found out about when another Lapper and us pulled off for gas and two cops pulled in behind us. Apparently there was a guy going through at triple digit speeds, so we saw cops every 25-30mi. Lance has the best quote of the day, “well doesn’t that suck the weel old cun off a dead gay donkey dick. tell the cops to go tip some cows.” I think even the turbo LOL’d. We got in to Nebraska at 3am and got a good 4hrs of sleep before heading to Mid-America.</p>

Anyways, that is all for now! Next up is the update on Mid-America Motorplex, which was pretty exciting.</p>

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