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2007 Scion TC 2.4L automatic
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Would you know what exactly this wire/harness goes to & purpose?

Bought it from used & it's a rebuilt/salvaged title. Previous owner/s absolutely have no idea what they were doing to the vehicle.

The wife bought it without my consultation & ok. So I told her she's going to be paying for any & all repairs/fixes.

The transmission doesn't shift into 5th gear & in doing so the engine & rpms have to stay under 5 thousand rpms. So we don't drive on highways at all. Just on streets as the daily.

The hit/collision was dealt at the front left passenger wheel/quarter panel.

Car runs. Just the not shifting into 5yh gear at highway speeds 50mph & higher.

Would it be the camshaft sensor, crank shaft sensor
1 - 3 of 3 Posts