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2006 tc

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you guys think there is any possible way to change the 2005 into a 4 speed auto, cant you drive it like that anyways? i dont know but this blows cuz the 2005 owners dont get to shift
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What? The 05's came in a 4 speed auto or a 5 speed manual, what exactly are you asking? For a conversion kit or somethin?
(wiggles nose) It's done.
So confused...

Ill change any 2006 or 2005 automatic tc into a 4 speed auto if u want, for you Ill charge 350 bucks.
Theres no way it could be done for that price, i was doin the kid a favor, the continuity shifting axel pipe costs $327 alone
oh, so it could really be turned into a 4 speed automatic like the 06? and it would only cost round 350?
4 speed auto as in a slap stick kind of thing like a mazda6 has
Meaning automatic with a manual shift mode?
ah ha now we're gettign somewhere... no you cant do it. Buy a manual transmission.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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