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2006 tC

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From the 05 tC to now already apparently on the lots the 06 tC. Whats new about the 06 and what have they changed since the year before??
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You should really check out the website, just like your other post, all your answers are out there ----amazing stuff i tell ya
ok yea i thought that the website was all about the 2005 and not the 2006. i figured since were barely have done with the 05 year that its not exactly time to put out the 06 on the website yet.
changes for the 06 are already reflected on the website. I dont think they are quite done yet there is still some 05 stuff on there but all the changes that I am aware of are there.
there are a few changes such as

ipod capability for 06
different tires, from bridgestone potenzas to some yokohama tire (which are a good improvement let me tell you)
new stereo look
steering wheel buttons (very useful)
yea i heard it was luck of the draw and one of the first things i did was look at the tires and i was so excited to see the yokos
The new 2006 has:
-IPod connectivity
-Steering Wheel audio controls
-Rotating volume dial on stereo system
-Better paint quality
-Yoko tires which are much better
-New and more improved faster on the fly clutch system
-Less rattling noise. (Its suppose to be gone now) havent heard any in my new 06 though. Thank god
i think the 05's are still availible. they are 200 less then the 06's, but all those updates make the 06 model version worth the extra 200
Originally posted by UpInSmoke23@Jul 4 2005, 01:01 PM
-Better paint quality
-Yoko tires which are much better
-New and more improved faster on the fly clutch system
1.) There is no proof or any reason to think that.
2.) There are '06 tCs coming with Potenzas as well.
3.) Where did you see this and can you show us proof?
Yoko tires suck trust me! They get no traction in the rain. I have them on my car. I am about to buy some PZero's
yea i have an 06 and i want to see proof
picked up my 2006 last week, Bridgestone Potenzas, and there are plenty of 05s out there with Yokos. It's pretty much the luck of the draw, but as of now you are more likely to get Bridgestones. The tread pattern is the same on both brands though.
I dont have definative proof about the clutch, but I went in and test drove a 2005 about a month ago. Then my car came in today and it was a 2006 and I could deffinently tell that there was some sort of improvement in the clutch system. I like the clutch on the 2006 much better, it feels smother.
anyway thats my "proof" lol
yea i do like the clutch on the tc
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