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2006 tC with ipod compatible System

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I just read this off the net , ,
that the 2006 scion tC will come with a new radio system that is compatible with an iPod. Can anyone tell me if that's worth the money to upgrade or should I buy another brand system?
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its a pioneer deck like before. if you have an ipod, sure get it, its only 260 more i believe. i am just going to be replacing my head unit anyway, so this is not much of a big deal to me.
Steering Wheel and New Head Unit

This is where it was talked about i believe, i didnt take the time to look through th whole thread
its been posted on the other site
i asked about the new deck with ipod connector today and was quoted $400 something...not really worth it...
if it is anything over $300 it isn't worth it

for $300+ u can get a pretty decent head unit with ipod integration already
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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