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2006 SW tC with tint.

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Here are a couple pics of my 2006 SW tC. Picked it up from the dealer a week ago. Just got the windows tinted earlier today. I really like the look of the ground effects with the super white. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the site!
welcome to the site! nice SW SCION!
Thanks guys! I am loving the car so far. I've been checking out the site since I started thinking about getting a tC a month or so ago. It came down to the Mazda 3 or the tC. I think I made the best choice,...for me anyway.
Very clean with the debadged look. Welcome!
Beautiful car. Nothing better than a SW with the ground effects kit.
i got a flint mica and i love that color but have to say the white is the second best color on the tc IMO ..... i love the clean look to it plus it doesnt get to damn dirty like my damn flint lmao
Cool. I always thought white was just an OK color for the tC, but with that kit and the tinted windows, that looks pretty badass.
Yeah same with me, I never really thought that white looked that good on cars but for some reason the Scion looks amazing in that color.
niiiiiiiiice the SW looks hot! i love my SW baby
Hey just a general question, does the way the rear ground effects fit bother anyone else. It just looks ugly and like a "last thoguht" to me.
I don't think the back of the ground effects is the best looking, but I think it is better then the regular one.
What kind of tint is that?

And how did you take the TC badge off?

It looks great, what are you planning on doing next?
Originally posted by dnelas2@Aug 2 2005, 11:59 AM
And how did you take the TC badge off?
All you have to do is pry it off with your fingers, if that doesnt help then floss. Make sure you have Goo Gone handy to get rid of the sticky residue. Try searching for debadging and there should be at least 2 threads about it.
To de-badge the car, I used a blow dryer and my fingers. I cleaned the rest of it up with a little goo be gone and a little wax. It was very easy. Just take your time. It took me and my roomate all of 5 minutes to remove the badge.

The tint is an all matalic tint. Forget what VA tint's name for it was but it was $30 more than thier regular tint. I paid $190. My roomate had gotten it on his WRX a while back and I like the way it looks. 35% all the way around.

I'm thinking about changing the grill at some point and possibly springs. I am toying with the idea of a carputer someday and of course I will be getting some new rims when money allows.
Hey I have the 2005 identical car.. white with all the extra tinting.. well ok and I have a black pinstripe.. I dont have a pic of mine yet.. but I just love it...
with the ground effects you REALLY need to lower would make ur car look 20 times better lowered with the ground effects.
I agree about lowering the car. I am planning on doing that at some point in the not too distant future. My roomate is on me almost everyday about getting it lowered.
can u take a picture of your head unit?
Sure. I will try to remember to take a pic of the head unit when I get home from work and update the post for ya.

I had the same issue as a couple of other people here on the forums. When I went to pick up my car they had installed the 05 deck instead of the 06. I pointed out the mistake and they replaced it with the 06 deck the next day in about 30 minutes. I didn't have to argue with them. The only reason they didn't replace it the day I picked up the car was because the garage was already closed for the day. All and all, I had a very good car buying experience. Very low pressure. Just the way I like it.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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