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2006 Spare Tire

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I just picked up my 06, the spare tire's wheel is black not that craptacular yellow, w00t w00t!!! Just thought i would share!
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My spare wheel is black.
I test drove two 05's that had yellow spares, it must have been a change mid year or something
i've never looked. now i'm curious...
do you mean the steel rim that the wheel is on is yellow?
Wow, I've never heard of a yellow spare wheel.
I have one, It adds insult to injury. But it could be worse like pink, I got mine mid october.
Haha, that would definitely be humiliating to have a pink wheel.
I have a yellow spare rim.
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Yellow here. And to the folks that think theirs is black-- have you taken it out? It's only yellow on the downfacing side...
the 05 is yeollow guys. Just untie the tire and flip it arund you will see it's yellow. :<
Yep yellow and it's damn embarrassing
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I think they did it so you will get it fixed as soon as posible. I have seen many people who use their spare for months. Many people don't undersantd there to get you to the service sation immidietly.
Nothing like being passed on the freeway by a minivan with 10 kids and Mom speeding to soccer game with the donut on the right front...anybody else seen this?
I wouldn't mind having pink instead of yellow
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Can someone revoke ^^^ talking privledges.

And Lance, i hear you man, I actually saw a metro rolling around the other day with two spares on it. Apparently he is trying to run skinnes on it
for a more speedy look

I think most spares have about a 50 mph suggested limit on them anyway, and lord knows how many times i have seen people doing 70-80 on them, good luck if they blow a belt in the tire.
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ive seen people with spares as all four wheels.... im assuming that its one of the three following things: Someone stole their wheels, they maybe getting new ones and already sold theirs?, or just that they are going for some serious weight reduction...haha and then theres always the other reason (they are just plain stupid)
AHhAHAHAHA, I used the yellow wheel of shame after a tire got F'ed up, dman thing cost me near enough to replace too. But i was on the yellow hell whole for 2 weEKS! yep, no lie, And all the shame. It looked so nice and then the other side, A YELLOW WAT? and i got a cherry black pearl car, so it stuck out like really bad. Laterz, hope no one has to use it.
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