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Originally posted by hamster@Jun 28 2005, 12:11 AM
they changed 2 of the colors from the 05 version... its been speculated that the formulas are different that make for tougher paint... but it hasn't been proven true or false... for now.. its just a color change.
Just a short note. I have an Indigo Ink color tC. I am starting to have some major paint issues involving the paint and it is far more serious than paint chipping or easy scratching. I am not going into the problem too much now, but will post more as the process of getting this resolved progresses. I think it is beginning to look like a problem that really explains why the color has been discontinued even though it accounted for a high percentage of sales.
A brief summary of the problem is two fold. losing of the clearcoat and cracking of the color coat under the clear coat. I would advise other owners of Indigo Ink color cars to watch the hood and trunk areas of their cars carefully. I would post a picture, but it is nearly impossible to capture in a shot.
I bet they resolve the issues on the 06s.
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