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2006 IS based on TC?

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OK... is it just me... but... doesnt the new IS look VERY similar to the TC?

Well... i know that Toyota is used to building new cars on the the chassis of their other models... but i wuz just wondering if you guys see the similarities too?
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It might be you. Once you see the IS in the sheetmetal you have a totally different perspective. It does share a little formal language with the tC (read as Toyota's brand identity), but scale, proportions and details are all very different.
ist definately jus you
The new IS 250 and 350 are based off a shortened version of the same frame the new GS is riding on.
New IS is definitely not BASED on the tC since it's RWD or AWD. Like Jake said - it's a baby GS.
Personally, I don't see any similarity between the IS and the tC. Other than that they're both cars...and both, yeah.
Oh and they're both built by Toyota
they both come in silver?
I thought the same thing and people didnt think it had tC qualiteis either but if the tC were to be a 4 door i think it would probably look like the IS so yes i am with you.
in all honesty, thats what we are hoping scion will produce soon. a four door version. but i would prefer to see it on a new platform with a new name, not just the tC sedan. its something we are needing to continue being competitive with honda / acura. we have the coupe to combat the civic and rsx, we need a TSX type model to round us out.
Well I think the IS looks more similar to the TC than this car does (Toyota Avensis )...

And the TC is based on the this same chasis.

***Read it here***

***See it here***
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nahh i can totally see the resemblence.....
i don't see the similarity
pontiac g6

scion tc
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The G6 coupe IS a Solara.
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