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So I was on the Harley Davidson website earlier today, because I wanted to find out the differences between the Dyna and the Softail models. They have virtually the same engine (only minor differences) and they weigh almost the same. Only difference between them (other than some minor styling details) is the transmission. Check out these gear ratios!

The Dyna is 1st: 3.337, 2nd: 2.313, 3rd: 1.718, 4th: 1.391, 5th: 1.175, 6th: 1.000.

The Softail is 1st: 10.110, 2nd: 6.958, 3rd: 4.953, 4th: 3.862, 5th: 3.150.

I can't believe how far apart these bike are! They still get about the same mileage, too!
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