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2006 Dodge Charger

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Looks like a Sedan Magnum & the rear of the dead in '05 Intrepid.
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Looks ugly.
to be picky: the 300C is the "sedan" version of the magnum. Although considering the sales of the 300C it wouldn't shock me if they wanted to stretch out the sales a little by offering a "lower class" version in charger form.
it will probably share alot with the new dodge magnum srt-8's. Or i wouldnt be suprised if the charger will be the srt-8 basically.

otherwise they will lose money more than likely by making 5 different forms of it.

Kind of how mitsubishi stopped making all the diff trims of the eclipse.
they keep bringing back all these old muscle cars but they make them ugly. first the pontiac gto with it's totally plain, european look and now the charger is just a magnum sedan looking thing. the charger was 2 door wasn't it? what a mess.
They wanted to make a 4 door with the look of a coupe... something about coupe's not selling or something like that.
yeah, coupes don't sell taht good and scion was crazy to make the tc a coupe because the tc's sales are so low.
what is wrong with american car companies
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Here's what we know, and what we think we know.

Unlike Chargers of yesteryear, the new one will have four doors, coupes being a weak commodity in today's generally soft passenger-car market. However, as our illustrations indicate, the Charger exterior design team—Ralph Gilles, Jeff Gale, and Mark Hall—seeks to preserve a coupe-ish look with a sloping rear roofline culminating in a steeply raked rear window and short decklid.

The decklid ends in a raised lip, which should reduce lift when you're cruising your neighborhood at 130 mph, and the trailing edges of the rear doors are cut well into the bulging rear fenders, reinforcing the coupe look and lending brawn to the package. There's also plenty of muscle in the front-end presentation, with flared fenders and Dodge's trademark gun-sight grille. And we anticipate the muscular presence to be backed up with plenty of grunt.'s hemi time!! *Alex starts dancin around in his office trying to immitate MC Hammer, trips over phone wire, while falling to the floor knocks down computer monitor and spills wonton soup all over the place. As he recovers from the stinging burn of the wonton soup, he grunts out. "can't touch this" and passes out.*
^^^ thats good s**t.
Whenever I see Hemi, all I can think of is the baby from the commercial who says "hemi" in the little high-pitched voice... cracks me up!
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i think of nash bridges and the yellow '71 hemi 'cuda convertible. very nice car.
ewww, too boxy.
it looks very heavy too. along with the hemi engine it is going to be a real gas guzzler
Originally posted by basilisk4@Oct 2 2004, 12:46 PM
Looks ugly.
you said it all, basilik
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I had an Intrepid RT autoStick miss it dearly!
Originally posted by MATRIX 2XIST@Oct 9 2004, 11:57 PM
I had an Intrepid RT autoStick miss it dearly!
Yeah, of course you miss it. How can you not miss hundreds of dollars spent on repairs, days in the shop, frustration of your car not running right...
hahaha ur too funny zoltiz
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