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2006 civics

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2006 civic

omg! this is super ugly!!

lets hope the ricers dont move from this to tC's when it comes out!
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im all over it, someone in my circle better get one!
i, being a long-time honda fan, was one who saw us, the "honda tuner",being left behind and basically ignored. it is one of the reasons that influenced the decision to go to scion, their support for the customer and "tuner" (i hate that term) market. the only product kept true to Honda roots was the S2000 and only because it wasnt "americanized".i gave honda this chance to make things right, and by all accounts and conversations ive had with people within Honda its all good. being first and foremost a car person, i want to see competition in the market for our benefit, and Honda being healthy and competitive will only benefit fans of all brands.

ps. greg's mom's love is getting me through my long day of studying
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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