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2005 Lancer Ralliart

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just figured i'd post here first. not really sure where to post. i currently am stationed on guam and there is a lot of TC's here. some are pretty quick. thought i'd join a tc forum and try to learn a little bit about them and contribute my car knowledge.

there is the link to pics of my car. hope you guys like it. feel free to post opinions. just to let you know, there is a drag strip here on guam. it kinda sucks tho because it is unprepped so that means no VHT and the humidity kills the hp your car makes. my current best is a [email protected] with a 2.41 60ft. i was shifting about 1000 rpms to soon(i was trying a different method of shift points) but i never got a slip so i didn't know what exactly to change. i'm sure i'm destined for a 15sec time next time i go back.

the fastest tc that has ran at the track here ran a [email protected] with a 2.4 60ft. he had injen cai, carbon fiber hood, and a full catless custom header-back exhaust. that was my buddy. he got edged out by a celica gts tho. i'll post the vids. cars here on guam trap about .5 sec's slower than in the states because of the humidity. so keep that in mind!!!!! one race i had was against a se-r spec v with a nismo cai. i got him pretty good. not to brag, but i haven't lost to a tc or spec-v here yet. i've only got 2000 miles on it. so it's still bone stock, even with the goodyear eagle rs-a's all season tires. the tc had bridgestone potenzas.

enough talk, i'll post the vids:

that's about it for now, you guys will see me posting!

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Welcome! It's always great to have a variety of viewpoints and experiences on the site. I look forward to reading your posts.
Welcome to the site! I was actually considering the Ralliart, but the salesman was an a-hole, so I walked out on him.
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Wow equally matched cars!!! Last time I was at the track with my tC they matched me against M3's and 450hp Sti's. It sucked not being able to race in my class.
welcome... i have lots of friends from guam... i like their food.... anyways...nice vids
thanks for all the comments!!!!
Nice SE-R Kill. What kind of celica is that?
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