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2005 HU in a 2006 tC

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I think I already saw a post similar to this a few weeks ago, but I can't find it now. I got my 2006 tC about a month ago, and the salesman told me that about the only thing different with the 2006 is the audio controls on the steering wheel. After looking at pictures of HUs in other people's 2006s, I noticed that mine was a little different, and it was different than the on on the CD that came with the manual, but the same as the ones shown on the CD for the xA and xB. I didn't think too much about it, until I read on here about changing the welcome message and tried to do it. The instructions for the 2006 didn't work, but the ones for the 2005 did.

I know it's probably not a huge deal at all. I doubt there's any difference in sound quality, but I did notice the one on the CD let you change the color, which I thought was kind of neat. Plus, if I paid for a 2006, I think I should get everything that's supposed to come with it, out of princible if nothing else. heh.

I think I'm gonna try to stop by a Scion dealership later today when I'm in Indy. It won't be the same one that I got it at, but I'm interested in seeing what they have to say, as well as what you guys think.
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Yes the 06 is diff than the 05, the 06 has rotary controls
I say you should definatly ask them for the 06 HU. The reason scion changed the 06 HU from the 05 model was to make it better so why settle for something not as good.
ya go for the 06 headunit.. i wish i had a rotary volume control
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Reminds me of a "funny". My better half was trying to turn up the volume with the temperature control dial. Thought it was odd when the air got warmer. lol
go back to them and get your 06 head unit, the main change from 05-06 was the audio, you've been robbed by the dealership
I e-mailed the parts department at the dealership, but the manager seemed like he had no idea what I was talking about, so now I'm gonna check with my salesman.
Call Scion corporate if the dealer keeps acting like everything is ok.
you have their number by anychance ? Same problem w/ me, but I got the new Eclipse AVN 2494 h/u.
It's 1-866-70-SCION. They're really helpful. They'll probably just take down your information and tell you to try to call your dealership, and then if you still have a problem, to call back and they'll make sure you get taken care of. Seems kind of the long way about it, especially if you've already contacted your dealership and haven't gotten help, but mentioning to the dealership that you've contacted Scion seems to make things work faster. heh.

Good luck.
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