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2005 Coachella Valley Music Festival

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Lineup was just announced. Some of the bigger names: Coldplay, NIN, Weezer, Cocteau Twins, Chemical Brothers, Wilco, New Order, Prodigy and Roni Size.

For those that have never been, its a huge 2-day event with 60,000+ of your closest friends. An awesome experience.
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I've been wanting to go to this for a while.. looks like its going to be a great show!
|\| | |/| still exists? Unbelievable.
Yeah, I was kinda surprised to see their name on the bill. Its all good though. The weekend's going to rock.
i so want to go to see Weezer... but $80.00 is too much... even for my favorite band
Maybe I should have tried to win tix from my radio station in town. They sent people 3 weeks in a row.
coachella isn't till april i believe.... should see if they are still giving tix away
They aren't.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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