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2000 Honda S2000 vs. 2005 Infinity G35 auto coupe

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You guys will like this one. So this kid that I know through my girlfriend and her friend owns a 2000 honda s2000 6spd and he recently bought the 2005 infinity g35 (auto), which I have to say is one sweet friggin ride. So we were all hangin out the other night around Smithtown (for all you longislanders) and he was like "I'd love to see how my s2000 compares to the g35 in a race", so you shoulda seen the look on my face. It was something along the lines of me trying to hold back an orgasm. I said something like "I'll race your g35 with you if you want..." and that was that. He said "you'd do that with me?" and I said "......sure.." Who the hell wouldn't? So anyways, we had our girlfriends go ahead on Jericho turnpike (2 lane road with loooong straight strips and not too many cars) and make sure that there were no cops and few cars, and we waited at an intersection. Once we got the all-clear from the girlies, we turned onto Jericho and started. It was about 11:00 pm and very few cars on the road, barely any commercial or residential frontage, so there was little traffic.

The first round was at about a 30 mph roll and I counted down and we went on "3". Since he had the 6 spd, he was already revving pretty high, (i'm guessing about 5-6000 rpms) just ready to punch it. I had the auto and didn't use the shift tronic on the first few rounds, so I was at about 2500 rpms. We both punch it, of course he beats me in the beginning b/c it took a second for the g35 to downshift and really start goin. But he was only about a 1/2 a car length before the infiinty began to gain. At that point, I said to myself, man I love the sound of that friggin exhaust. The s2000 was screaming as we barreled down the straight away. I pulled back at around 85, and by that point I was a car lenght ahead. Lets just say, my first run in the g35 left a lasting impression, which would later be reaffirmed a number of times.

The dude also wanted to race from a dead stop, so we turned around at the next light, and since it was "red" for the other cars, we had a clear strip. So we both stop and decide to go. I was still not using the shift tronic, dunno why, but the g35 started out a bit ahead, until the s2000's vtec kicked in and the honda pulled ahead by about a car lenght. Chris (the dude) shifted well and rode the gears all the way to redline, which is rediculously high on the honda. After we were at about 50 mph, the g35 pulled up on the honda and we were about even. We topped off at 80 and I was once again ahead, this time by about 1 1/2 car lenths.

The third run I decided to use the shift tronic on the infinity, which was a friggin blast. We start out at a roll of about 25 mph, I was at around 3000 rpms, Chris was higher, i'm sure. So we both punch it and once again the s2000 jumps ahead by a bit, but this time as I was going through the gears on the shift tronic, he didn't stand a chance. By the time i was in 4th, I was 2 car lenths ahead and when I pulled back at around 90 I was gone.

The next run I didn't shift as well, so I didn't win by a lot, about 1 car length.

My disclaimer to the safety advocates: The races were fun and relatively safe because there were literally no cars on the road when we did our runs. The speed limit was 55 and we did everything as safe as possible. I never do this kinda stuff and don't plan on doing it often. That's pretty much it. Both cars are great, but I REALLY like the g35 and if I had the money, I'd definitely own one.
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Good times.
LOL Jericho TPK hehehehe I know that road i am from Hicksville i know that road welllllllllll. Yea at 11 PM there arent any cars on it so every body it was as safe as street raceing goes.
So basically S2K does not stand a chance vs. a 6-speed G35. Eh. Lucky you
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yep im on long island too. jericho turnpike owns. whenever i feel like being wild with my cars, i do it on there.
the g35 that I drove was an auto (tip-tronic), and even though I looked up the specs and they're pretty even in terms of performance, in all the runs we did, I easily took him. I mean, both cars are his so either way he's got two sweet rides. He's got a few mods on the s2000, but mostly cosmetic - rims, spoiler, hids, body kit, exhaust. Looks sweet and sounds awesome when the engine is revving up.
there is still a desent amount of cops their once in a while though, i caaught this cop on the grass one time, where the bridge is for the sunken meadow parkway
that guy with the s2k must suck at driving because i have seen stock s2ks smoke stock g35s at the track. even from a roll an s2k can beat at g35. g35s are actually not that fast. ill smoke both those cars outta the hole tho any day but not from a roll. AWD and boost = 60 ft.
I don't know anyone who races for 60'. I sure wouldn't waste my time with it. It's just a number to tell you how bad you spun on launch.
i was just saying AWD+boost has good 60ft. i race 1/4 and roll, not 60ft thats just retarded. im saying that s2k's suck from a launch cuz they have like 150 ft lbs, but from a roll they are the ####.
Here we go again about torque misconceptions.

Read this. Then you can stop attempting to compare cars by their torque. It doesn't mean anything unless the geartrains are identical.
ok.... whatever.... lets get super technical.
lance does that
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