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2 weeks and counting

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What up! I've been reading for a while and was essentially "convinced" to buy my tC from these forums!!!! This, I believe, is my second official post, and thanks to Plissken, I figured out I should introduce myself here!

A-Town Down!
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Welcome to the boards and I'm glad I was a positive example for once.
REALLY................for once.
welcome dude!
Atlanta area is growing. Good to see you here. Keep an eye on the Southeast forums - we get together about once a month for a beer, etc. - will be great to see you.
I got my 05 in june... waited all of two hours for it after my test drive. Didn't want to wait for the 06 and changes for the 06 seemed insignificant to me. (No ipod, nifty knobs seemed kinda useless since i'll probably go with a dvd player soon enough anyway.)

Okay, that makes more sense now, because I got my 06 in the end of june I was confused on why you got an 05. I know 05s are becoming pretty scarce as 06s roll out.
"changes for the 06 seemed insignificant to me"

Cardinal rule of thumb when it comes to buying cars, buy the farthest ahead you can at the time you buy.

In 18 months from now, when it's 2007, you will have a 2 year old car, people who brought the 06 on the same day will have a 1 year old car.

NOW hold one.....I know what you're going to say, that people just have to look at when the cars were purchased to see the actual age. Unfortunatly you might not even get to that stage, when you are selling your car you are playing the marketing game - the more marketable your car, the higher the price, becuase the more interest you have based on minimal information.

I would have been tempted by an 05 when I purchased at the beginning on June, but the dealer was going to charge maybe $200 less for a '05. As he put it, kids come in here and want to buy a car today, they don't want to wait 4 weeks, with that kind of demand it's not like we can't sell them, so why would we disount them.
A year from now, or let's better say 3 years from now the value of '05 and '06 with same miles will be couple hundred dollars apart. If it was a - KIA, then it would be very different, though.
Yeah, I was actually just at my dealer today getting my registration.

Popped in to say Hi to my salesman guy (always good to keep on good terms), he was saying that in NJ the wait is now up to 6-8 weeks and it can take 2-3 weeks to get a firm date that won't shift. He was saying the last TC he sold (i.e. left the lot) was to me (3 weeks ago) since then he's had 30+ people enquire about them, but he has none to sell.

Personally I hope this is how the TC market stays for the next 10 years. Very low supply, very high demand.

The one thing that would really get me down, is if they flip things and go all PT Cruiser or Beetle with supple and suddenly every other car is a TC. That would suck like nothing else.
^^^that wont happen. the tC is slated for a four year run max, and there have been no plans made to increase production thus far, except when we had to in january to erase what was a ridiculous amount of presold units. we had waiting lists to be put on the waiting list for a tC when they were released, and it took near 10 months to even out to a passable inventory on lots. and we still need more cars.
oh, btw, welcome to the site. sorry to hijack your thread. i promise, it wont happen again. until the next time.
They are only going to produce tCs for 4 years?
That's the model. Try to keep it unique.
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