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i'm sooo excited... i'm going to pick up my tC in 2 hrs... i can't wait i can't wait!! unfortunately by the time i get back it'll be too dark to take pictures so i'll save that til tomorrow!!!

i already have a valid chance to go joyriding!! my order at best buy is ready and i can go pick it up tonite in my NEW TC!!! sooo exciting.. can't wait to see people stare

(btw has 100 TDK 700MB 48X CD-R Spindle for $19.99 for those that need CD-Rs.. sorry i'm a computer geek more of a gearhead..
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I remember that sweet anticipation... Feels nice, doesn't it?


Wish they had 100 DVD-Rs for that money...

By the way, DVD-Rs are cheaper storage wise than CD-Rs

1 DVD = 6 CDs, so if a DVD blank costs $0.50, it's cheaper than paying $0.20 x 6 = $1.20 for 6 CD blanks
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any accessories or mods?
I'm looking for CD-RWs, any deals on those?
i dont have any real mods.. .. leather seats, wheel locks, scion security.. i'm gonna get my windows tinted later on..

i know DVD-Rs are better but i don't have a DVD+/-R drive yet and no empty bays to put it in so only got CD-Rs to work with. .. gotta wait til i get some extra cash and build a new computer then i'll upgrade.

as far as CD-RWs.. i think i saw a deal before for 100 for $20 or so.. i forget where it was but im sure if u search the basic tech deal sites you'll find it again.. but for me CD-RWs are nto worth it since i've had bad experiences of them becoming corrupt and losing my data after only a few rewrites.

as far as problems with my tC.. i HAVE NONE so far.. no rattles, no brake problems no NOTHING... but then again i've only had it for a little over an hour

anyways this forum is for tC so if you wanna chat with me bout something other than, please use AIM or send me a private message.. thanks

PS.. its too dark out right now so i'll take pix tomorrow and post in the member pics section
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hey cool. you got it. i'm surprised you got out of it to get on your computer.
what color is it?
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thanks again eric!!.. kwiksilver.. it's silver streak mica with black leather interior..
.. i'll take and post pics tomorrow.... guess i'll be the second tC with leather that posts pics .. at least on this forum...
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nice color. mine is the same.
i can't wait to see the pics. leather looks really nice on the tc.
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Cangratulations!!!!! I just picked up my car today too... at 4pm. Your car has the same birthday... teehee

I'm sure you're out driving it and having fun... only reason I'm not is because I have a test I need to study for.. I'm thinking I should study IN my car

Wouldn't you agree that all the pictures don't do it any justice?!?! It's sooooo much nicer when it's YOURS!!!! And it's SOOOOOOO pretty at night with all the lights.

Have fun and congrats again!
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HAHAHAH yes.. i totally agree.. happy birthday to ur car!! :-D
definitely girl
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