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2 din head units

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Any one seen any good 2 din Monitor/head units. I think if there would be one availible to fit under the factory face cover would be perfect. I have seen one kenwood but I dont know if i trust kennwood. Any sugestions
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Originally posted by tfd666@Oct 5 2004, 11:18 AM
whats a din
Read and learn.
The Kenwood your thinking of is a great unit. If not wait fomr something to come out soon. SEMA is approaching and i know new stuff will be out.
Thanks Plissken, that is great reading. Couldn't of asked for a better explanation.
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Originally posted by tfd666@Oct 6 2004, 03:41 AM
Thanks Plissken, that is great reading. Couldn't of asked for a better explanation.
anytime, i learned something as well.
My best friend has the Kenwood in his Kenwood Demo Vehicle. It so kicks ass. Touchscreen! Motorized face! And the resolution is excellent.
I especially like these units:

It's unfortunate that they are only available in Japan though.
What if you don't want a double Din.... is there an install kit made for the tC yet?? If so, anyone have pics of how it looks??
I likr the one Pioneer from japan. But Im looking for something with a monitor. But maybe japan has something to ofor in that area better than the ken wood . ans my girlfriend is going home to japan for a couple of weeks and maybe can find something for me.
I seriously LOVE 2-din tube amp!

It's kind of hard to justify $1000 on a head unit without it being a touchscreen or something. But man, talk about unique! And I bet the sound is warm like butter...

I would love to hear one in person.

By the way, if I ever win the lottery and buy this... do foreign stereos just plug into these cars like American ones? I know different countries have different voltages and stuff for home electricity, but I have no clue about cars. Er, well, the tC comes from Japan, so it should work, right?
Originally posted by alanthing@Oct 18 2004, 07:29 PM
...2-din tube amp!

...And I bet the sound is warm like butter...
Anyone know where to find a 2 din in dash DVD player with monitor that is not motorized?
this is one im thinking about.

But im not such a big fan of kenwood
I still prefer the Eclipse DVD-Navigation Double Din. Although it's appearance isn't flashy, it's menus and accessibility looks very easy to use.
damn silver-x you beat me to it.

from what i'v seen the new ECLIPSE AVN2454 dbbl Din, "should" be a nice fit. the only thing that i wory about is just as to how far it sticks out. hopefully it's not too far so that the Tc's cover canbe placed back down over it.
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