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2-17-06 Daytona

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I'm trying to get a meet up in daytona FL on the 17th's of feb but i don't know the area that well so any TC's from daytona if you know a good place to meed pm me with the details and we'll have a meet
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Im from Sarasota, and a meat in the Daytona / Orlando area would be sweet! Not too familiar with the area but I use to live over there like 10 years ago.... so I dont remember tooo much
well finally someone replys everytime i look at florida everyone says there from the south and not many from the panhandle so i try to get a meet up and nobody talks... but anyways i'm going to the nascar race so the closer to the track is better but i'll drive a little to meet up... on monday i think i'm headed to orlando so if some people want to meet up there we can to. i'll look around on the net from some places to meet and post later

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I've looked around on a couple websites and i can't find a good place to meet so i guess a wal-mart parking lot or something in either daytona or orlando
Alright well we need atleast 10 peeps to get a good one going.
well theres 3 people anyone else out there that wants to join speak up now
So is this going on or not....need to know so i can get work off.
just cancel the meet i don't think anyone is going to show i would say there all talk but apparently they don't talk at all, we should just close down the florida post since no one wants to do anything
I'm not from the Florida area... but I thought I might chime in here. The week of Feb. 17th will probably be crazy in Daytona. The NASCAR season opening race, the Daytona 500, is on the 19th and I'm sure there will be stuff happening during the entire week leading up to that. Just thought I'd warn you. I know when the race comes to Bristol, it's insane for about a week and a half... Bristol is a small town, though, so it may not be anything like that in Daytona. Just something to think about.
yeah, i used to work for sprint and that week is horrible over there. stay away from anything close to the track. mainly the mall and best buy get packed.
that's the reason i'm going there is for the race our hotel is in orlando and i bought a package deal so i get a shuttle to the race so i don't have to drive in the traffic
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