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For me, it was a matter of "am I really going to do a lot of aftermarket stuff to my car?"

I got the 6 disc and sub because I don't really have the time / knowledge about aftermarket stereos to do that myself. I have no complaints about my set-up. Maybe I don't shake the ground, but I like the sound and enjoy my Billy Joel at a comfortable level.

I agree with the above statement that there are better/cheaper aftermarket kits available for almost any option. Are you going to do a lot of aftermaket work on the car? If so - get it with nothing and do it all yourself. If not - get what you want on the car and drive as is.


I had to wait an extra couple of weeks because I refused to get the ground effects. $1000?!?! Are you kidding?

I am thinking of getting new tires/wheels (4th on my list actually - after auto dim mirror, sheepskin seat covers, and the pedistal spoiler when it comes out) just because I want my car to look different from the other scions out there. And I will get 18's.

As for supercharged - I told the same thing to the guy trying to sell me the RSX Type S - my street racing days are over. I want a fun car to drive to get to work and back home again. And maybe to Vegas a couple times a year. $3500 and I still wouldn't impress these LA chicks used to the Porshes and Ferraris out here.

I think the LEDs and stuff are a little old. But if you like them, I say "why not?" The little touches like that will make you enjoy your car much more than ground effects or having your automatic supercharged.

As for driving stick - the best way to learn is to buy one. I had about 3 lessons before I bought my first maunal car. I was still shakey driving it home, but within a week I was an expert.
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