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Originally posted by ScionTc_Girl@Nov 16 2004, 09:52 PM

ok...well this is my 1st every post on this websight, so i figured id start off by asking some questions.....

1.1st is the ground effects kits worth 1000? how low does it make it verse with out it?

2.should i get the bazooka subwoofer?

3. led lights , do you like em?

4.18' rims a must have?

5.should i get the supercharged? (cant drive stick)

6. should i get matching lights underneath it to match the led lights?

7. i love the scion tc the dealer said they were coming out with another car and he said if i liked the tc id be sure to like the new car..... anyone heard anything about new man said be out next year......  makes me wanna not buy it yet in case i like that one better.....

thanks for reading this!

Welcome to the site!! There are lots of great people here that provide useful information.

1. $1000 is a lot of money, but if you must have the look. It's really a matter of how much you like them. I didn't get them. I'm waiting to see if something else comes out to tickle my fancy. (yep, i have a ticklish fancy).

2. There are much better aftermarket speakers for less money.

3. The LED's are kinda neat, but I don't like the way they look under the dash. They're completely visible from within the cabin. Once again, you can probably do better for less in the aftermarket.

4. I've read that for performance, 17" wheels are the best. However, since this isn't a ferarri, it's all about personal preference and appearance. There are lower priced 18" wheels out there that you might like more.

5. The supercharger isn't available yet. But it should still work fine on the automatic. Unless you're missing an arm or leg, you shouldn't have trouble learning to drive a stick either. After a short period of time, it becomes second nature.

6. Underneath? There's only one LED kit that I'm aware of and it comes with everything. Once again, there are cheaper/better aftermarket kits available.

7. I haven't heard anything about a new Scion, but it makes sense that they not stop with 3 vehicles. Of course, if you keep waiting for the next best thing, you'll never get rid of the old crappy thing. I didn't like the other two, but the tC looks great.

Having said all of that, I like the look of the tC lowered with the TRD lowering springs without the bodykit on 17" wheels. Scion is all about personal taste, thats why there are over 30 aftermarket addons. I've only given you my opinions, and you'll probably get many more from your post. All I can say is that the car underneath all the addons is a great car for a great price, everything else is gravy.

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