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18" ADR rims for 400 wit tires.

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for sale for 400.

tahts the picture.

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what size? what tires? Need more info
Are you still selling these wheels / rims.. ?? How many miles where put on them.. did you rotate them reguarly? Are they alot heavier then the stock 17's?
Are these rims still for sale? how much would shipping be to zip code 96744? I'm very interested. Please PM me. Thanks
already sold


i have a brand nwe set of rims 19x8 aluminum forged 2 piece for 2500 with tires

havent touched a tire or car yet

waited 3 months for these

green chrome finish (Custom)

offset is to sit flush on the tC 6rl2

designed just for a white tC with a JDM look but if you like it for another color, thats cool too

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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