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15" steelie on TC

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Searched and found no answer.... I have hear rumors that 15" Camry or Corolla steel wheels fit on the tc. I want to get steelies for the tc in the 15 inch size with blizzak snow tires. Living in the Northeast bites when the snow starts. 40s will be like riding skis.... Help answer please
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I jsut ordered 17" blizzaks, its not like the stock rims are that nice that you have to worry about ruining them in the winter.
We get a ton of snow here and 15s will work better with a thinner tires. all else usually fills with snow and ice and you now have a sled. Been there done that.

Now back to important stuff. Are those Camry or Corolla wheels and does it matter what year? Thanks in advance.
Will 15's fit over the stock calipers?
I thought I had read somewhere they wouldn't, but you can sure try!
I remember reading somewhere that they should fit. Can't find where I read it. Ill be using 16" steelies.
Hey you know what, that search function does work


Check out
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Ok,, read that and still does not answer the question. i will be going to bone yard to get me a 15 wheel and check the fit.
Ok good news for those waiting for the answer.. Do 15s fit. Well talked to Toyota/Scion dealer in my area. Tires that work are 195/65/15, wheels are 15s from a base Camry. Price for the Wheel is 40.00 and what ever tire you decide on. I am looking at 113 for each wheel and tire if I buy the four from the dealer. I will be going there on Friday after work. Pictures to follow.....
good to know. So my 16s should have no trouble going on. I wish I had gotten 15s. Should have gotten them and saved some $$$
i hate snow
here we have about 1 foot on the ground right now
Tire Rack sent me an ad for the snow season, don't know if any of you guys got the same thing, but they offer a package for 15" steel rims with tires. Thinking they must fit for any of you who want 15's. Sorry if anyone covered this already.
Well peeps the new 15" snows are in the garage.. tackle them this weekend and will post some pics.. picked up some hubs at pep boys..

can't wait... to get it done and ready for the snow. The stock tires ain't gonna do it in the snow.
just put some blizzak ws-50's on my stock 17's. Snowed pretty good in the south eastern Wisconsin area friday night and all I can say is WOW. Never owed snow tires before. Well good luck to all you guys who are going with the narrower steelies.
The wheels are on the BCP and I am ready for the snow.
15" steelies, and 195/65/15 yokohama Ice guard tires. Tested them over the weekend in the snow happy I got them on. Drove to Pep Boys with the stock tires on to get the hubcaps. Talk about slip sliding away. Not a good idea to stay stock in snowy area. Now the new snows are very agressive and handle outstanding. quiet even.. Get your pronto..

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