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15" Arc Sub, 1kw Arc Amp, under stock carpet:)

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Whew, just finished out sub install, 2.25 cubic ft sealed box, 15" sub and a flat floor was not easy. I have one amp installed for a show/comp tomorrow then will do the other two amps and processors in the next week or so. Just finished at 4AM, heading to Redding CA, Audio Illusionz, for the show/competition in 45 minutes, all nighter but got it done.

My son was sick yesterday so could not help but worked all night after school today with me:)

We ran 1 gauge power wire, grounds, HU, RCAs, built the sub enclosure, temp amp rack, hooked it all up and working great, 2 days and most of it on the sub.
I took alot of time designing and working out ways to keep the weight down, box only weighs 20 lbs which is very light for a 2.25 cube box!

Next up is a new rear exhaust, had to mode this one to get it back on as a temp fix . Once that is done the the three way front soundstage, carputer then on to the turbo build up:)
that is the part I really want to get up and running!!!

Have a great weekend!
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No pics yet, just to busy!

This is a sound quality competition car, not something that usually is designed to get really loud but we did pretty well, finished in 4th place in SPL.

New kind of comp for bass, 2 min average on music, not easy on a system or easy to maintain!!

Our best run was an average of 138.__ db for the full two minutes, that is loud on music!!!!

Not knowing our resonate freq, not really setup or tested anything well yet, we hit 141.__ on a single note burst. Not Bad for an SQ sub in a sealed box with an SQ A/B amp but 1,000 watts helps:)

They said will hit much higher when we get it sorted out which will be fun, this is a business car so good to make a bit of noise on occasion;)

(The reason for the .__ db scores is I do not remember, worked 18 hours on Thursday, 4 hours of sleep, worked Friday all the way to Saturday 6AM then packed and headed to the show 100 miles away. Drove there, on our feet all day, competed, promoted, demoed our products and car until 7PM, back 100 miles through the mountains, etc. Four hours of sleep from Thursday AM until Saturday at midnight, whewwwwwww!!!!)

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nice. whats the sensitivity on those arc speakers?
89dB, RMS power is 750 watts, Max power is 1,500

The guys at Audio Illusionz stuffed one into a 3.0 ported box with 2kw plus and tried the two minute music dB average test, near the end it blew sub junks out of the port, lol!

Just not designed for that kind of abuse, 750 watts of music power is alot to ask as it is, 2kw is crazy:)

139 db is fr3aking awesome! good job!
my ear's are hurting from reading this post! cant wait to see pics eventually.
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