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12/22/05 Scion evolution Puerto rico meet

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heres the pics from tonight, as promised the eye candies of our little paradise island, enjoy

first up because you ask for it

the xb, this time i took my tripod so no more blurs
notice how the hood spins
jose did this himself and he will not share the pics of how he did the hood, i respect that, besides, if it was me, i would do the same in a heartbeat

the transformer

next up, is carlos tc, the only one in puerto rico to have vertical doors, if you wannah ask about them email him at [email protected]

heres "Fathers's" tc, notice the front headlights color, and the ones on the back have tints
email at [email protected]

this is victor's tc, ground effects and suspension
email at [email protected]

and last but not least, my tc, i put HIDS and tints youve seen my car before but here it is nonetheless, you can PM me anytime

and there goes my bandwith for my two photobucket accounts
hope you like it
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ugh i want the kaminari kit and the doors and rims, i wish i had the money gay gay gay
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