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Originally posted by inevitablegod@Jul 17 2004, 11:52 AM
we dont change much about a car in our lineup from year to year - its a cost thing. if we had to produce four different versions of each of the three models, cost would go up to produce them, and your price would increase
Yep, and I absolutely LOVE Scion for doing it that way. It suits me just fine b/c I like a car with pickup, but I'm not all about serious performance. So, I get a good, solid, dependable (hopefully..hehe) car with tons of options...but with a really great price. AND, they've even been nice enough to offer me some basic "options" so I still feel like I don't have a car just like everyone else's.


Oh yeah, and I know what you mean about the RSX-S. My boyfriend had a silver one and when I first started shopping for cars, I was lucky enough to get about 28 hours of test driving in it when he and I drove from VA to Boston, MA and back one weekend. Man talk about a fun car to drive, and with a great look too!

But, when I saw the brochure for the tC, all it comes with, and with a price tag that starts around $5,500 less than the RSX-S (not to mention the difference in insurance cost)...I was sold on the tC.

My boyfriend can have his RSX-S, I can have my tC...and I might even let him drive mine when he gets the urge.
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