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1.12.06 - Test n Tune - Bradenton, FL

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Well Boosk has gathered a couple people and we have been talking. This Thursday night is Test n Tune night at Bradenton Motor Sports is the web site, and the address is:

21000 S.R. 64
Bradenton FL, 34202

The cost is $10 to get in and I believe $5 to race if they havnt raised the price. We will be meeting at 4:30 at Sonics in Venice which is located on US - 41, if not were all meeting at the track around 6. Hope to see a lot of people there.
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Ahh good
too bad i cant go
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Cheap track. Around here its $25.00 for test n' tune or bracket nights after you've purchased your yearly competition number ($10.00).
More for the money races.
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