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Hello new friends...please help.

2009 tC, 139k. Zero issues since my wife bought it new in 08. I change the oil myself at regular intervals, changed plugs at 100k, haven't done much else to her.

Water pump seal blew and I never noticed, it was bad enough to shred the belt. Threw the belt on the freeway a couple weeks ago...good times. Towed home. It blew most of the system coolant all over the engine compartment. Ordered some parts, and a couple days later installed the new water pump. While attempting to install a new seep belt I learned that tensioner was totally seized, so I ordered a new one of those as well. Fought through that fun, including having to jack the engine up about 4" to get the aft bolt out, but finally got it in. I got the new belt on, and lo and behold it won't start. It sounded kinda off-timing, but tough to tell. My neighbor is a mechanic, plugged in his super whamadine code reader, nothing. My only thought was that the crank sensor must be fried since it sits right underneath the water pump. I ordered that, just changed it, and it still won't start. The engine cranks fine, not a battery issue. I even tried with it jumpered to my F150. Starter sounds nice and healthy. I know it's getting fuel - pulled all the plugs, and they were good and wet with fuel. I could smell it too. Compressed air-dried them all out, reinstalled, still nothing.

Really not sure what to do next. My accessories all look good. New crank sensor. Fuel is getting to the cylinders. What else could've been fried either by coolant leaking from the water pump seal or by the shards of belt whipping around before it broke apart? I got a good look at just about everything over on that side of the engine when I did interference removal for replacing the tensioner. Nothing else visible damage-wise. Thanks all and I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Cheers, Ryan.
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