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06 tc w/navigation

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Hey 'sup, got a Kenwood DDX7017 CD/MP3/DVD head-unit, KNA-DV4100 navigation, and a PS2 in the glovebox. I'm plannin on adding a full mmats system, TV Tuner and Music Keg in the near future. holla back w/any and all comments.
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looks expensive

and nice.
not as bad as you might think, the alarm and remote start were the only real expensive part
Nice. I got the DDX8017 myself. That KNA-DV4100 NAV unit is PRICEY. $500+. What dash kit do you have around yours?
i wanted the 8017 but i never thought i'd get a system good enough to use the 5.1 it comes with. the shop made the dash kit, they made the wire harness and they had to take a faceplate and mold it with bondo and paint it black, took forever, the tv didn't wanna fit behind the door
You have to re-drill the holes in the mount plate to get the door to close right.

Nice custom job, though. I gotta get some moulding to go around mine.
The guy that does alot of my mods in my tC showed me a pioneer unit very similar to that... he gave me a price of about 1200 with installation... looks nice thanks for sharing
yeah the pioneer unit is sweet too...i had to pick b/w that and the kenwood, but pioneer duznt make a music holder or tv tuner.
yea it is sweet but I'll be broke for awhile if I get it lol.. since I got my tC as soon as I make money it's gone
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yeah i hear u on that, i was saving for a yr and a half to get mine, my boy bought a super-white 05 and i saved up after i saw him pull up in it
Looks like its a touch screen, yes?
Are you from NY?
yes ma'am it's a touch screen. i grew up in ny put i dont liv in ny no more tho
looks really nice!

i love san andreas
thats the thin ps2 right?
yeah, i was thinking about the big one but there wasn't a convenient place to hide it w/ the other stuff i wanna do
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