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okay, i have yet to race this guy at work who says his friends automagic matrix XRS (stock mind you) is faster than my tC...

main reason why i havent raced him is because i have too much to lose if i get caught street racing, so i told him to get a time together when we could go to a track and i could subsequently spank the pants off of him...

his main argument that he would smoke me is that his engine makes more HP at midrange than my tC (when ours obviously is making its peak tq) and seems to think he'd have the edge on me at that point...

i keep pointing out that hes going to have to catch me with his high-end HP and tq while im probably already 2-3 car lengths ahead (or maybe more since he says its an automatic, i have yet to confirm that since i thought all XRS's were manual, plus i havent seen the matrix he speaks of yet...)

so now i am just waiting for my friend at work to tell me when hes going to be at a track near where i live so that i can show him how wrong he is...

are my predictions right? or is it too early to tell?

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So, his car is heavier than it could be...I don't think that counts as a "performance mod."

You are right to wait until you can race at the track, though. Good call.

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I read some where that the XRS versions of both the Corolla and Trix are actually faster than the tC. I'm guessing it would a drivers race at this point.

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Not really a advantage cause he is auto and your manual. You could smoke your tires or bog or whatever.. and he will have the hole shot. Don't be afraid of the xrs though, you should take him if you launch good and then the manual will give you the advantage.
XRS:Horsepower : 180 hp @ 7600 rpm Torque : 130 lb-ft @ 6800 rpm 0-60 mph : 7.3 sec.(manual)
0-¼ mile : 15.7 sec @ 92.0 mph(estimated
TC:Horsepower : 160 hp @ 5700 rpm Torque : 163 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm 0-60 mph : 7.5 sec.(manual)
0-¼ mile : 15.7 sec @ 88 mph(manual)

It won't be a drivers race cause you cant really mess up driving a auto enless you have it in reverse or something. LOL If you get a good launch I think you might be able to hold him off till the race is over depending on how far you guys go.

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Given those numbers you might want to keep the race short. Anything past a 1/4 mile and you'll be toast.

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well when he first came to me, the guy wanted to race between lights on a road by work (which is infested with tempe, az cops who already hate my age group b/c of ASU) the longest stretch btwn lights that is close by work is between guadalupe and baseline on kyrene (about 1 full mile, i love Google Earth) in Tempe... and thats where he originally wanted to have it, but i said F##K NO!! too much traffic at all times plus its constantly patrolled by cops...

so anyway, thats why i said track only and will probably go only 1/4 mile..

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Originally posted by Dr. Isotope@Oct 29 2005, 12:41 AM
They should have made a Matrix XRS AWD. People would have loved that.
Unfortunately, the AWD all went to the Pontiac side of the partnership.

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2003 Toyota Matrix XRS
Estimated Price : $18.500 to $20,000

Engine Code : 2ZZ-GE
Type : In-line four, aluminum block and head
Valvetrain : DOHC, four valves per cylinder, VVTL-i variable valve timing
Displacement : 1795cc
Bore & Stroke : 82.04mm x 85.09 mm
Compression Ratio : 11.5:1
Claimed Horsepower : 180 hp @ 7600 rpm
Torque : 130 lb-ft @ 6800 rpm
Redline : 8100 rpm

Layout : Front engine, front-wheel drive
Transmission : Six-speed manual
Gear Ratios
1 : 3.166:1
2 : 2.050:1
3 : 1.481:1
4 : 1.166:1
5 : 0.916:1
6 : 0.725:1
Final drive : 4.529:1
Differential : Open

Exterior dimensions (preliminary)
Curb Weight : 2790 lb.
Overall Length : 171.3 in.
Wheelbase : 102.4 in.
Overall Width : 69.5 in.
Track F/R : 59.8 in./58.9 in.
Height : 61.8 in.

Front : MacPherson struts, anti-roll bar
Rear : Torsion beam with trailing arms, anti-roll bar

Front : 11-inch vented discs, single-piston sliding calipers
Rear : 10.5-inch vented discs, single-piston sliding calipers

Wheels and Tires
Wheels : 17x7-inch aluminum alloy
Tires : 215/50R-17 Firestone Firehawk SZ50

Performance Acceleration
0-30 mph : 3.3 sec.
0-60 mph : 8.9 sec.
30-50 mph : 3.3 sec.
50-70 mph : 5.1 sec.
Quarter Mile : 16.6 sec. @ 85 mph

Lateral grip (200ft skidpad) :0.81g

60-0 stopping distance : 118 ft

according to my data, i should beat it stock.

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I guess that goes to show that torqe is just as important as horsepower when it comes to performance numbers?

180hp and it still takes 8.9 seconds to get to 60. Damn. Yay for the tC and our torqe happy engines.

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Matrix with 215/45/17:

1st - 1817 - 41 mph
2nd - 1177 - 64 mph
3rd - 850 - 88 mph - 1/4 mile race ends here.
4th - 669 - 112 mph
5th - 526 - 143 mph - pretty unlikely to see this speed...
6th - 416 - 181 mph - no way this speed.

tC with 215/45/17:

1st - 2337 - 31 mph
2nd - 1351 - 53 mph
3rd - 881 - 81 mph
4th - 642 - 112 mph
5th - 512 - 140 mph

What does this tell you? Pounds of force at the wheel and maximum speed at redline on the two vehicles. What does it mean? The Matrix isn't geared nearly as aggressively as the tC. It certainly could be, but it isn't. Engine torque is NOT the winner here. Torque AT THE WHEEL is the winner. It is not possible to intelligently compare disparate powertrains by the engine's ability to generate torque. It is imperative to include the rest of the drivetrain before saying anything about the comparison.

If the Matrix were geared lower, it would win the race pretty easily. It makes more power. However the Matrix is NOT geared to take advantage of this, so it loses in a battle with the tC for acceleration.

FWIW, an automatic tC:

1st - 1685 - 42 mph
2nd - 939 - 76 mph
3rd - 604 - 118 mph
4th - 436 - 164 mph

My bet is the Matrix with a competent driver would spank the automatic tC. Not only is it lighter, but it has more force applied to the wheel from jump, and it never lets up. We could go further and play some games with integrals and get more accurate, but it isn't necessary.

Is it becoming clearer why I say "Got torque? Who cares?"
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