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Over on another scion board (big one remains nameless for now) i find that all they do is complain and complain about the rattles, but I come here and I hardly ever hear of it..

Is it just me or did we at this board fix all of our problems? I know that I used foam tape in different places, tried a little silicone spray, etc.. and no more rattles.. I like that this forum doesn't complain endlessly and rant, we actually fix the problems.. insted of ranting..

So my question is this.. To those with the 06 tC, have you noticed rattles? If so, were you able to fix them? and what did you do?

Friend of mine wants to get one and mine is quiet.. But I'm not sure if they changed production and there are more rattles now.. so let me know.. thanks..
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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