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"06" tc being built as we speak

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Just say hi to all the tc' members I have just bought an 06 tc that is being built as we speak.. The completion date should be 30 Sept 05. I love this car. I'm current driving a dodge ram with the 5.7 hemi., but once I drove the tc and I had to get one. That car is awesome!!! you get so much car for so little price. I got this car with every factory upgrade that was available and still spent 10,000 less than I did on my truck and 16000 less than I was going to spend on a 350Z. I chose the black cherry paint it just matched the interior perfectly. One I take delivery I will post the pics... already looking at adding a column gage cluster and some other race appeal components to spice it up a bit.... The great thing is I can afford to do all the little extras being the price of the car was so low compared to others I looked at first
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Welcome and congrats on the ordering of your tC.
wow, every option, thats something. post some pics, im interested.
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