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'06 stereo in '05 tc?

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Hey! I currently own an '05 tc that has the old stereo stock stereo. I was thinking of changing my stock stereo to an '06 stock stereo because I like the jog dial and less clutter. I currently have an aux. cable connected into the back of the head unit. The question I'm asking is whether or not the 2006 stock stereo is compatible with my 2005 tc. I heard from other people that they are not compatible. Is it true that the wiring is different and that you need a different head unit harness because the unit sticks out more (because of the jog dial)? Can I connect a aux. cable to the back of the new unit? Sorry for all the questions!!!! Please help!!! Has anyone done this?
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I've got an 06 stereo in my 05. It fits fine and uses the same harness. It's a 10 minute job. I'm not sure it was worth it though. I do like the volume knob and that it plays wma's, but I haven't found anyway to use the AuxIn. Plus, every now and again, it will just switch to the next song before the song ends. It might only happen once a week, but it is annoying. I read on some other threads that several 06 stereos do that. I'm sure Toyota will replace it under warranty... in your 06 Scion.

So I guess my advice would be stick with the 05 stereo or buy a nice aftermarket stereo.
yea..heh, I was thinking of changing mine to the 06 model as well, thanks for the info. I would get an aftermarket product but i dont like the fact that there would be unused space either above or below because the pioneer size in the tC is unlike most head units.

The volume buttons in the 05 are pretty annoying, but its prob not worth wiring in a new unit based on that.
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