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i dont get it till 2morrow tho! :.. it sux seeing it and not being able to take it home :[ haha

its NB not the color i wanted but it was a second choice cuz they didnt have the flint mica i wanted:\

sorry low quality pic but it was taken with a razr phone
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there ya go. lol.
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haha thanx!! i dont know what i did wrong i thought that code worked with everysite, but yep there it is!
fresh off the boat it look like
Looks like it needsa to be driven and have its ugly christmas wrapping taken off.
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Hopefully thats how mine looks when I get it today woohoo!!!
seeing it with the plastic on kicks butt, ya know its brand spanking new. also razr phones are cool
Originally posted by hamster@Aug 6 2005, 01:40 AM
fresh off the boat it look like
Originally posted by phungy+Aug 6 2005, 10:22 AM-->QUOTE (phungy @ Aug 6 2005, 10:22 AM)
@Aug 6 2005, 01:40 AM
fresh off the boat it look like
LOL FOB. [/b]
you got my joke!
YES! I GET IT IN TODAY ON MY LUNCH BREAK! so when i get it ill have more pix up today soon!
ahhh i need to use a real camera, sorry the pix suck...its a camera phone i took them on my lunch break

I love the ipod capability! lol
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you took alotttt of pictures, you must have been reaLLLLy excited.
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Oh yeah that's definitely sexy.
im going to add so much more stuff to my car!!!

anyone have any cool idea for anything?
Tires. Side Sills. Springs. Sway Bars. Pedestal Spoiler. Exhaust. CAI. Supercharger. Body Kit. Retrofit HIDs. Maybe a new paint job.
there's so much you can do to this car. it's awesome. i love electronics, although not great at it, but quick learner. i'm an electrical engineer
well so the first thing i'm adding its a touch screen monitor. until i can get one of those car pcs i'm installing an old compaq laptop i have laying around. still laying out the plan for the setup. next amp and subs. new headunit not just yet i can do with the stock one till next summer, not going to bump in the winter really. i want new rims, and would love the wide body kit. it all depends on what you like. performance, looks, feel, etc.
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Well congrats on the new car. How long did you have to wait for it? I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and they said i will have to wait 4-6 weeks for it. It sucks.

i went to go buy it wed and got it in saturday!

so by a couple of months i will have so much put into it and i will keep in update on my car!
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