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Trying this again with more info and video.

2006 Scion TC MANUAL transmission-BASE, nothing added:

I'm going to try to make this as short as possible but give as much info as possible. I'm NOT a mechanic but I have no choice and am good at following instructions and diagrams.

Car ran perfectly. Then, I was trying to diagnose a cooling fan issue. While in the house a flooding downpour came and I forgot my hood was up/fuse box lid off (although no longer think that was problem. All been checked and fine.) did remove battery, remove all fuses and relays I could get out and let everything to dry out for a week (also using compressed air/99% alcohol/ fuses in rice.) When I restarted:

I can NOT give codes because my DCL will not connect
[can not communicate]. Or any scanners. (However, I had never connected a scanner prior to this and haven't owned it long so don't know if it's the DCL or not. Let's just say prior owners didn't take care of it well and crashed it at least once so finding lots of "LOOSE" connections as I go) Was told ECM. (just trying to rule out as getting one isn't easy) but several mechanics have given me "thoughts" while not wanting to make money to fix. They don't think it's the computer. I DO have a multimeter but everything I find is not for my car. Also, I realize it is all suppose to be waterproof but...perfect before wet, possessed after wet.

I'm linking to video in google photos of what it is doing when it is cranked. 06 Scion TC possessed It accelerates, decelerates, tries to die (does sometimes) by itself. Gas pedal has NOTHING.

Photo is the wiring of the throttle position sensor (of course impossible to get to) and I found the schematic in another thread, but can't find what I should be looking for as far as Voltage. The only videos I found only had 3 wires and were separate of the throttle body.

So 2 questions:
1. Any idea if I'm on the right track
2. What should I test on the TPS to find out if that is the problem?

Yes, a mechanic would be my best bet. However, I'm very financially challenged (POOR) and have already paid 2 "mechanics" and gotten ripped off. I'm a single old lady (old but very capable) who can't get any help or rides anywhere. I haven't left my house in 2 mos. Any help would be great!

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