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06 iPod ready stereo

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Unfortunately, the dealer I bought my 05 from isn't available for comment on this???

Anyone know how painful it would be to have the 06 iPod stereo put in 05? While I'm at it, how 'bout the new steering wheel with audio? Could just trade it but have become a bit attached to 'Amber'.
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I you want steering wheel audio controls, then it might make more sense to trade the car.

And I'm still hoping Ipod kits / HUs will become available from our online parts retailers...
The headunit should be a piece of cake but I don't know about the steering wheel because of the airbag. Until you can get someone's 06 HU used it won't be cheap to buy it new. And the wheel won't ever be cheap unless you find a totalled 06 tC already.
what do ya think Toyo/Scion would charge right now with all new parts (I love a li'l pain! hehe)?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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