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06 HU Sounds Off..

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Hey guys. I know this sounds weird, but I'm not happy with the overall sound output from my car. My friend who has the 05 HU (05 tc) has much better sound coming out of everything than mine. I can't get any bass what so ever. I know there isn't much to deal with, just those lame 6" drivers on the door, but come on. Is this because of the different design of the 05 and 06 HU?

My settings go like this.. I have the trebble turned up so the voices are more clear, I have the bass at like +2 or +3, and Fad/Bal at zero, and the ASL at low. I've tried turning the ASL off, or on med/high, but it only makes it sound worse. Is there anything I can do? My source is either a burned mp3 cd, or my iPod. And I keep the EQ on my iPod off. It usually distorts whatever it's plugged into if the EQ is at anything else. It just pushes the bands too high or something.

I'm about ready to just throw a line level amp in there and hook it up to an 18" woofer or something, lol. Can anyone give me some suggestions? It sounds so pathetic, I never turn it up anymore. My buddies tC just has so much more bottom end bass it's sick. What is screwed up with my sound?
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Try this forum it might do you some good and help you out with your stereo settings.
^^^ I have mine set to xB I think... it does make a slight difference.

But... I have the iPod HU. I'm not sure how much different they are. Does the stock unit have the Scion Sound Processing (SSP?). There's a big button in the middle that says SSP on mine... it has 3 levels: Normal, Feel, and Hear. If your stereo is set to Normal, it will sound like crap, rather quiet with almost no bass at all. When you change it up to Feel or Hear it will dramitcally change the sound as compared to the Normal setting. The Normal setting is there as to keep the music in the background and not interfere with conversation and what not... the Hear setting is for "hearing" the bass, and the Feel setting, you guessed it... is for "feeling" the bass.

I keep the ASL turned off... I haven't really experimented with it, though. Basically, it adjusts the sound of the music according to the noise in (or out?) of the car... at least it says something like that in the HU manual. I'd rather just crank the volume myself rather than have it fluctuating by computer control. I could be wrong about how this works, though. I've always had it turned off.

Hopefully this helps. I thought for sure my stereo was broken until I found the SSP button. lol
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xB = more bass, xA has more general sound trebel/bass. Maksure u have it on "Feel" also. Any combination with feel with xa/xb sounds great on the 06' HU.
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