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  1. General Scion tC Discussions
    I bought a2006 scion tc a few months ago. Immediately got alternator, starter and battery checked cuz it was giving hard time starting on first turn of key. Always started on second turn. Alternator was bad, I swapped out for a new one with a battery too cuz old one was 4 years old. Took back to...
  2. General Scion tC Discussions
    Hello , I have a Scion tC 2012 . Recently, about 2 weeks ago my car is making a very rusty/scratchy noise when I turn my car on . when I’m warming my car up , now I hear the noise as I accelerate and or is idle at a light /stop sign ect .. I took it to Toyota and they said everything checks out...
  3. DIY - Do It Yourself
    I just bought a TC. Thing runs strong, but needs minor work here and there. I can't figure out why the horn isn't working. I've checked the fuses, they're fine. The next step is to check the relay switch, however I can't find any relay switch for the horn on any schematic I find online. I also...
  4. Scion tC Talk
    Idk where to buy mid pipes. Everywhere says it takes 2 months.
  5. Other Performance Mods
    I've been looking into mid pipes, but idk where to buy them because they are all on back order.
  6. Lighting/Electrical
    Hey everyone. Does anyone know what it means when the red light is blinking on the Key Fob? The indicator light is constantly flashing on my original 06 tC key. I just replaced the battery and it started blinking and now the car is acting very weird. Specifically, it is not registering the key...
  7. Engine Modifications
    I have a 06 scion tc, freshly rebuilt, and I'm looking to delete the balance shafts. Before anyone says anything, ive done research on this topic and it's a bit old Haven't found much info updated since 2012. I want to know how long motors have lasted without the balance shaft in. Specifically...
  8. DIY - Do It Yourself
    Hi, I am trying to replace the 120a fuse in my 2008 Scion TC. I have taken off the black plastic top and side of the fuse box to expose the beige plastic part that holds all the fuses. The 120a fuse (see image 1, red box) is bolted into the beige plastic box on two sides (see images 2 and 3)...
1-8 of 8 Results