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  1. Misc. Scion tC Tech
    So after work I decided to clean up the top of the engine, I noticed that the plastic harness that holds the wires in place for cylinder 2 was cracked. I tried to take it of to inspect it and it literally crumbled apart in my hands leaving nothing but the wires. I can still plug the wires back...
  2. General Scion tC Discussions
    Hello , I have a Scion tC 2012 . Recently, about 2 weeks ago my car is making a very rusty/scratchy noise when I turn my car on . when I’m warming my car up , now I hear the noise as I accelerate and or is idle at a light /stop sign ect .. I took it to Toyota and they said everything checks out...
  3. General Scion tC Discussions
    Hi everybody, I'm looking to purchase some leather Scion tC seats off Ebay since my driver's seat from my 2010 Scion tC just broke. I was wondering if anyone knew if a 2014, full set of leather seats for manual 11-16 Scion tC's would fit. Thank you!
1-3 of 3 Results