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Flint Mica
RS 4.0
Just bought the car on 2/10, Bought a HKS Hi-Power exhaust for it yesterday, 2/22/17 and i will be installing it tomorrow on the 24th as well as plasti dipping the stock rims with some Bright Gold and many more upgrades to come in the future, Guess you can tell it being not even a month and me throwing money into it quickly for a broke man LOL. My goal is about 300 whp on a VERY conservative tune for a daily driven setup but the ability to have a map for e85 pumping out around 4-450 whp for the track days. and all the supporting suspension/chassis mods to support them.
2008 Scion Tc (Flint Mica)


HKS Hi-Power axle back (yes i know its no power atm) but in the near future I will be getting rid of the second cat and replacing it with a resonator along with full 3 inch ss piping from the to be turbo back, along with bigger injectors and fuel pump, fuel management, intake manifold, a stroker kit possibly, building the bottom end, pnp the head, maybe running e85, possibly methanol who knows, but those are my aspirations, to turbo the car and build it for track/ daily, a hard balance to reach and maintain I know but shit im gonna try my hardest
nothing besides the rs 4.0 stuff, more to come in the future possibly a roll cage racing seats and a custom headliner, dash, and carpet.
Damd aero kit, some more to come( future mods- kaminari trd carbon fiber wing, a carbon fiber vented hood, a widebody and splitters/diffusers, rims, maybe some tsw nurburgrings i was thinking, tint, hids and halos w/ demon eyes along with fog lights)
Right now I haven't installed it yet but I have my jl audio w3 sitting here with a rockford p5001, that will be going in soon possibly but for the future looking to do nothing so crazy but mainly performance upgrades (guages and such) maybe some lighting upgrades and a headunit w/ speaker upgrades.
some lowering springs atm and thats all i believe, but in the future i definitely want trd rear sway bar first and afterwards possibly going air suspension depending how far the technology has come. It has come quite a distance since they first started with them so if I can get a great handling car with the convenience and luxury of otf settings. cant ask for more.
Wheel and Tire
going to want to get summer racing tires on a set of possibly work, rotas, or volks possibly and my winter/ wet set on my second set of rims which would probably be tsw/ ssr/ enkeis.


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