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Default Aux In jack makes a whirring sound that matches acceleration

I recently bought a blutooth receiver that plugs into the lighter spot to listen to spotify for my 2006 tC. The receiver then plugs into the Aux in in the center console. I have two issues with it so far.

1. While plugged in and listening to music there is a high pitched whirring sound that gets higher and lower depending on the speed of the car.
2. The 3.5mm aux in for the car is loose. When i plug the cable in the cable feels like it isn't tight and can move around.

Any idea why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?
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You are hearing Alternator noise. It's caused by a poor noise filter in the Bluetooth device. You can buy a filter to put between the power and your device, but they usually involve splicing wires.
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Most of the time a ground loop is the cause of this problem. This problem is common especially if your stereos speakers are amplified, and can be fixed my making sure that your stereo unit and/or amplifier have a good ground connection. This can be done by either finding a more direct ground connection to the cars frame, sanding the area around your ground connection to remove any rust or paint that could be adding grounding resistance, or even running a ground wire from your stereo or amp directly to your battery.

In fact, it is most likely that you are constantly experiencing the whining sound. With the engine idling if you put your ear up to the speaker you will probably hear the sound, it just doesn't become noticeable until higher revs.
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