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I kno that ppl gonna tell me to do the research and things... but blah, i did search everything about it, i just want to get advice from people that have more knowledges than I do. I'm seeing this guy selling his superchager kit near my city( which like 5 hours away), but he only said he got everything on the pics and he doesnt have the injectors, so does it sound good for 1000 pick up? I kno injectors would cost me around 200-300, but i cant see nor know what parts he's missing other than the injectors. So plz help me kno what part do i need more and how much it gonna cost me to complete this kit

Here is his pics:

Here is the pic of part of S/C kit that i saw:

Part Numbers for supercharger kit

TRD, Supercharger Compressor Housing Bracket Replacement Part PTR01-21054

TRD, Emblem, "Supercharged", Plastic Blister Type PTR01-3500E-MB

TRD, Emblem, Small Rectangular, Plastic Bubble Type PTR01-3500T-RD

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Cold Plug Replacement Part PTR24-21050-00

TRD, Spark Plug PTR24-21055-01

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Rear Bracket Replacement Part PTR25-21060

TRD 2AZ S/C, Drive Belt Replacement Part PTR30-21060

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Wire Harness Relocation Kit Replacement Part PTR41-21050

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Bracket Kit, AC Hose / Wire Harness Relocation Replacement Part PTR41-21051

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Oil Feed Line T-Adaptor, AN to NPT Fitting, ByPass Valve Tee Replacement Part PTR41-21052

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Idler Bracket Bolt w / Oil Return Line Hardware Kit Replacement Part PTR41-21053

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Valve, Bypass Replacement Part PTR41-21054

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Air Box Assy Kit Lower w/inlet Adaptor Replacement Part PTR41-21055

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, ECU Remap Module Replacement Part PTR41-21056

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Crank Position Sensor Wire Ext. Assy. Replacement Part PTR41-21057

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, VSV Rubber Mount, VSV Hose & Bypass Valve Hose Kit Replacement Part PTR41-21058

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Hose, Oil Feed Assy Replacement Part PTR41-21059

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Rear Mounting Bracket, assembly, Aluminum Cast Replacement Part PTR41-21060

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Crankshaft Bolt Replacement Part PTR41-21061

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Idler Pulley Replacement Part PTR41-21062

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Driven Pulley w/Hardware Kit Replacement Part PTR41-21063

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Air Box Rubber Mounts & Sleeves Replacement Part PTR41-21064

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Driven Pulley Shim Asst. Kit Replacement Part PTR41-21065

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Clamp Kit Replacement Part PTR41-21066

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Idler Pulley Hardware Kit Replacement Part PTR41-21067

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Inlet Cover Replacement Part PTR41-21068

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, O-Ring, Supercharged tC Replacement Part PTR41-21069

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Oil Pan w/ Return Tube Replacement Part PTR41-21160

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Thermostat, 70C / 160F Replacement Part PTR41-21161

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Formed Fuel Line Assembly Replacement Part PTR41-21162

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Fuel Injectors, High-Flow Replacement Part PTR41-21163

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Gasket, HC Trap Holder, Buna Replacement Part PTR41-21164

TRD 2.4AZ, Supercharger Main Assy. Replacement Part PTR41-21165

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Insulator, Exhaust: Stamped Replacement Part PTR41-21166

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Hose Kit: Inlet/Outlet/Bypass Replacement Part PTR41-21167

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Hose, Water Return Replacement Part PTR41-21168

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Oil Return Hard Line Assy. Replacement Part PTR41-21169

TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Rear Bracket & Inlet Cover Hardware Replacement Part PTR41-21170
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Pics are to small cant see anything.

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make sure you get an oil pan. it seems like he doesnt have that. and 1000 is a bit too high here some things you need to ask this person....

1. how many miles is on the supercharger.
2. is the shaft change?
3. has he upgraded to the 9.5 pulley?
4. was his car a dd or "race" car

this is why you ask these questions,,,,
read half way to this thread and read the new discovery section.

let me knw what he says and il have a better answer for you.


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lol .... at 15 yrs of age ... it may be a nice break ....
Calm down people ... we are just kidding ... I would track his little butt down and drag it back home !
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