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Smile Scion Tc Winjet Fog Lights.

Okay finally a solution to the winjet fog lights that nobody posts about!

Instructions to doing all of this is simple.
these are the fogs i bought:
New pair Winjet Scion TC bumper fog lights set 2005-2010 full kit wiring harness included : : Automotive New pair Winjet Scion TC bumper fog lights set 2005-2010 full kit wiring harness included : : Automotive

1. take off your bumper from the car completely (if your new to doing any of this, i recommend you let a professional do the install)

2. take the main wire harness that has two white clips on each side and run one side through whichever way you like (i used the little spot behind the styrofoam looking stuff)

3. in your bumper take out the little side plastic pieces where the fog lights will go (they have two clips so they dont break, push out wards). Install each light in, after use the holder to screw them into place.

4. The red wire on that main harness goes directly to the battery, and the ground goes anywhere on the chassis that touches the cars metal. the yellow wire will be connected to the extra red wire given, and with that you will have to run it through one of the grommets in your firewall, be careful not to mess up your electrical components (look at pictures at where people run their amp wires)

5. when thats ran through the red wire will plug into the female piece on the second harness, the green piece will connect into the off and on switch which will go on a spot next to the mirror movers. also find another ground for the black wire on that harness

6. LAST (what many people arent getting right) The IGNITION WIRE, it has the brown plug at the end (IT CAN BE CUT OFF). after i cut the piece off i took apart my dash under my stereo and since i dont use my cigarette lighter, i disconnected the wires from it and cut off the BLACK wire from it and soldered the red from the harness and the black from the lighter.

7. Once this is finished your switch should come on to be orange color, it can be turned off and on at any time without the headlights or day time lights being on.

this should help you. if you use the cigarette lighter, i feel bad for you son, i got 99 problems and smoking aint one.
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Or you can just use a wire piggy back off of the black cig lighter wire so you won't hurt it's functionality if you want to charge your phone.

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i prefer to tap into the existing fog wiring in the car so i don't have to run any additional wires.. especially dealing with the firewall.

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